Recruitment and selection

We elaborate a meticulous selection and evaluation process for each candidate, with the objective that our clients have the highly qualified talent for each of the positions and ability to integrate into the business strategy of their companies.

We focus on the managerial, managerial, administrative, commercial levels.


  • Headhunting:
  • Our service is aimed at the search and administration of consultants within the consulting and development projects of SAP modules (ERP) in companies.
  • Recruitment and selection:
  • Psychometric tests:

What will you get from us?

Professional advice:

We provide guidance in the preparation of the profile based on the needs of the position and the company.

Successful selection:

We seek full candidates and that their interests coincide with those of the company like yours, causing a long-term relationship.

Replacement warranty

If the selected candidate is not suitable for the company, we repeat the recruitment operation under our guarantee system.


We are in continuous communication with our clients and candidates about the selection process

Recruitment Specialists:

We have a team of specialists for recruitment.


Staff turnover reduction:
You will obtain highly qualified personnel that suits the position and the company.

Decrease in costs and time:
Avoid unnecessary costs in search and recruitment of your ideal candidate, as well as reduce over time.

Quality of candidates:
You will obtain qualified personnel for your company.

Decrease in risk:
He will not worry that his selected talent will leave the company in the short term, causing it to resume the search.

Why choose Axis Consultants?

• Wide record of achievements of satisfied customers.

• Staff with experience and customer service.

• We understand the needs and objectives of each business, our service is personalized.

• Only 1% per year in guarantee applications.

• Our selected talent lasts 3 to 5 years.



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