Personnel management

Our personnel management service allows our clients to have professionals specialized in the processing of personnel management, personalized and technological support in order to optimize their operations, manage their personnel and labor, fiscal and IMSS obligations, with the confidence that the calculations and information provided is truthful, assertive and timely.

Our services include:

  • Hiring management
  • Inductionn
  • Processing and periodic calculation of the payroll
  • Comprehensive Payroll Reports
  • Payment of employer obligations
  • Labor conflict management
  • Legal attention

What will you get from us?

Legal Armor:

We protect each of our clients, with the support of expert lawyers in labor matters, tax advisors and the IMSS.

Timely payments:

100% effectiveness in the payroll payment times, with the temporality that the client requests and payroll cutoff dates stipulated by client.

Certainty in calculations:

We prepare the calculations accurately and according to the rules.

Service made to measure:

We have flexibility for granting additional benefits to the law.

Payroll Specialists:

We have a team of specialists for payroll administration

Invoice deduction

Our 100% deductible invoice, on ISR and IVA.


Budget savings:
You will not need a payroll or legal department.

Reduce labor risks:
Avoid risks in compliance with employer obligations.

Focus on Core business of the company:
You will concentrate on your business with the peace of mind of not having annoying labor issues.

Why choose Axis Consultants?

• Wide record of achievements of satisfied customers.

• Financial solvency and operational capacity.

• Legality and absolute transparency.

• Experienced staff and customer service.

• We understand the needs and objectives of each business, our service is personalized.

• We have more than 22 years of experience and market knowledge.



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