We provide our clients with human, technical and technological resources, regardless of the size of the company; with the objective of reducing their financial costs and eliminating the operational and administrative burden that these entail.

Our service includes

  • Payroll Calculation (Regardless of the amount of Movements generated).
  • Management of the SUA (registrations, cancellations, modifications and generation of files for payment).
  • Stamping of unlimited payroll receipts.
  • Zero errors guarantee.

What will you get from us?

Certainty in Calculations:

We prepare the calculations accurately and according to the rules.

Payroll Specialists:

We have a team of specialists for payroll administration.

Security and confidentiality:

We handle the data and information of our clients with a high degree of confidentiality.


Anytime our clients can obtain information from their payroll.

Written guarantee:

We absorb differences and extra burdens for our mistakes.


Budget savings:
You will not need a payroll or legal department.

Decrease in expenses due to errors:
Avoid expenses for administrative errors or unnecessary payments for fines or surcharges.

Focus on Core business of the company:
You will not have to worry about administrative activities related to payroll management.

Why choose Axis Consultants?

• Wide record of achievements of satisfied customers.

• Staff with experience and customer service.

• We apply high quality standards in our operations.

• Legality and absolute transparency.

• We understand the needs and objectives of each business, our service is personalized.

• Only 1% per year in guarantee applications.



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Colonia del Valle, CDMX
CP. 03100

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