Juridical services

We advise, audit, train and implement preventive actions that provide security and legal certainty in their relationships with third parties and within their organizations with the aim of helping our clients to minimize risks and prepare them to face litigation proceedings.


Regulatory compliance (COMPLIANCE)
Corporate and Legal

1.- Legal audits

2.- Compliance with the regulations on data protection and privacy notice, Code of business conduct and anti-corruption policies. Training of personnel in compliance with regulations.

3.- Protection of the company to confidential information.

Legal relationship of the company with third parties

1.- Administration and control of contracts

2.- Elaboration and revision of contracts

Contentious procedures

1.- Procedural representation in civil, commercial and administrative lawsuits.

2.- Opinion of current lawsuits (procedural audit).

Commercial Obligations before the Consumer

1.- Advice on legal compliance in the commercialization of goods and services to ensure certainty and legal certainty

2.- Profeco representation.

What will you get from us?

Professional advice:

We provide objective guidance and implementation on legal issues.


We have a team of specialists to audit, advise, train, manage and develop legal issues.

Security and confidentiality:

Manage the data and information of our customers with a high degree of confidentiality


Minimize the risk:
Avoid contractual risks.

Better Control:
You will have the control, traceability and transparency of the life cycles of your company's contracts.

Why choose Axis Consultants?

• Wide record of achievements of satisfied customers.

• Staff with experience and customer service.

• We apply high quality standards in our operations.

• Legality and absolute transparency.

• We understand the needs and objectives of each business, our service is personalized.



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