About Us

We are a Mexican company that offers integral and strategic solutions in human capital and risk to companies management since 1996.

Through our exclusive group of professional advisors who are characterized by their human warmth, direct and permanent personal treatment with our clients and with the personnel we manage, we achieve assertive, solid and lasting results that contribute to obtain a better profitability and productivity in organizations.

At all times we strive to develop a high quality service, within a philosophy of continuous improvement, in order to always place ourselves at the height of our clients' prestige.


Achieve assertive, solid and lasting results that represent important changes in the structure and work culture for companies, allowing a healthy development within a competence scope.


Consolidate and position ourselves as the prestigious company of specialized advisors that offers assertive, strategic and personalized solutions in human capital and risk management.


Provide assertive and personalized solutions in human capital and risks management to our clients, through a quality service, human warmth, security and trust; contributing to obtain the best results of profitability and productivity.



Our clients distinguish us with their trust, by providing us with confidential information which we manage selectively at a managerial level with absolute discretion and without risk of leakage.


Our personal and professional performance is strictly governed by the moral precept of honesty and timely observation of the laws in force


With our signature on each contract, we put the commitment to apply capacity, knowledge and experience in order to promptly take to the facts the word engaged.


Our responsibility implies safeguarding the peace of our clients, they must be assured that we will comply in a timely manner with the assignment assigned to us


In the mystique of permanent improvement, our professionals increase their skills and competencies, through updating, in order to offer an optimal response.

Added value:

Being a professional will imply beyond the goals expressed in each contract, exceeding expectations regarding our performance.


Our professional performance will always be precise and impeccable


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Colonia del Valle, CDMX
CP. 03100

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